A Special Boy’s Sonic the Hedgehog Cake

This year for Mr C’s Birthday, it was decided we would have a small catch up mid week with friends for an informal party.

Mr C decided otherwise. He heard ‘party’ and missed the ‘informal’ part. Unbeknown to us, he went about inviting his friends to his party. At school pick up two weeks before his party he announced in front of the kids that ‘Mum, I’ve invited my friends to my party. Could you please give them an invitation so they know when it is’. I had a flash back of myself as a child often being in trouble for telling my parents what I was going to do without asking for permission first.

After explaining that we need to talk about these things before he takes action, (whilst having a quiet giggle to myself at how like me he was becoming) we agreed that he could have a party with a small number of friends.

Mr C wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog cake so we called Bethany from Bethany Claire Cakes.

Bethany is the brains and talent behind Bethany Claire Cakes, where she produces artisan cakes, bespoke cakes designs, gourmet gifts and provides catering for events. She also sells her products at farmers markets across Victoria.

She did an amazing job with the cake. Not only did the cake look fantastic, it was the best tasting cake I’ve ever eaten.

So, here it is:

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IMGL1616Web Site

IMGL1631Web Site

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IMGL1605Web Site

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IMGL1654Web Site


 Mr C  loved the Sonic figure on the cake. He kept going over to his cake to just stare at it! I loved the detail: the little flowers, the gold rings, the boots the grass and Sonic of course.

For me though, the best thing about this cake, was the look of pure amazement on Mr C’s face when he woke up the day of his party and saw his cake. Priceless!

Cake : by Bethany Claire Cakes.

Bethany can be contacted via Facebook or email: beth@bethanyclairecakes.com.  Bethany Claire Cake’s new website will be launching in the next few weeks  with more information on the  delicious creations that Bethany produces:  www.bethanyclairecakes.com.au

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