Now Taking Bookings for Kindergarten and Childcare Photography Sessions

We now offer Kindergarten and Childcare photography!

I’ve just finished up photographing the children at this Melbourne Early Learning Centre. I LOVED my time with the kids. The centre is run so  efficiently, the staff create a fun environment providing many learning opportunities for the kids, the kids are absolutely gorgeous and the parents so sweet with their response to the photos.

Thanks for having me at your gorgeous Centre Lucy and Bec.

There are two spots left for this year’s Childcare and Kindergarten photography, so to book your session or for more information, please contact Christina Jack :

Childcare 1Childcare 2Childcare 3childcare 7childcare 8Childcare 5Childcare 4childcare 6


Spring Mini Sessions Are Back with Christina Jack Photography

Spring is finally here!. The trees are starting to come alive and spring flowers are starting to bloom.

It’s a perfect time to freshen up your walls with new photos of your gorgeous family.

Sessions are held at a number of beautiful parks / gardens in Melbourne and are fun and hassle free.
For just 30 minutes of your time, you’ll receive a set of gorgeous and timeless photos that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

This package includes 6 high resolution, edited images of your choice, although you do have the option when you have viewed your gallery, to purchase additional photos.

Sessions are limited to just 15 families.

For more information or to book your session, please contact me at :


Conditions / Clarification
This offer is valid for one family (can not be used for extended family sessions) and can only be used once per family.
This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion run by Christina Jack Photography.
This offer can not be used for newborn sessions.
All sessions booked must be completed by 30th November 2014

A Gorgeous Fairy Birthday Party

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous girl again this year for her birthday. This year’s party was fairy themed and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom’ cake was a huge hit.
It was hard to narrow down my favourites to preview in this post, so just went with all my favourites!


Party 3
Party 2
IMGL6545 Emily Metallic Acrylic 30x45inch copy

Capturing Genuine and Beautiful Photos Of Your Kids

I often hear people say they find it difficult to photograph their kids as they don’t stay still long enough and give cheesy smiles.

My children are no different!

So, I thought I’d take you on a journey of the shenanigans and mischief I get up to in order to capture photos that really represent my children.

These photos were from our recent holiday (or ‘vacation’ for my American friends).

Me: “Hey kids, lets go to the beach.”

Kids: “Great, but you’re not bringing your camera are you?”

Me: “Yes, but don’t worry you don’t need to look at me.”

Then it starts, “The sun’s in my eyes, she’s squashing me…”

IMGL3599 IMGL3581

Me: “Who wants 100 biscuits?”  Mr C is old enough to know that would never happen, Miss S is too young to know better.


I catch them by surprise by calling out some silly words that always make them laugh.


Me: “Isn’t your sister the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen.”

He’s  thinking, what will she do if I pull her pony tail.  She’s thinking, just you try it and see what surprise I have in store for you.


He settles for squashing her instead.


There’s a little of, “oh my goodness look at that shark behind you, look at that flying dinosaur behind you …” from me.


There is also some,  “this is so boring, you’re killing us” from them.


I appeal to their love for each other.  “Miss S, do you love your brother?”  She adores her big brother and he knows it!

“Mr C, you are so fortunate to have a sister that loves you so much.”

IMGL3619 IMGL3620

Then I crescendo with, “We’re done, you’re free, go crazy.”



I shoot throughout the conversation and most of the photos I end up loving are the ones where the kids are interacting and doing their own thing, natural photos that really showcase their personality. I never ask them to smile because they’ll just give a forced cheesy grin.

So while sometimes it can be frustrating, planning ahead will help limit frustrations for both the children and yourself. I sometimes shoot just before snack time or at a park and limit the time I shoot, otherwise we all end up cranky. Pre-empt how they are going to react to something you’re going to say and shoot just before you say it and then as you are saying it. That way you’ll capture their reaction and the laugh or expression rather than a forced smile.

Happy shooting!


New Addition to the Family

I had a fantastic break over January but really happy to be getting back into it. I have a huge year planned. There are some exciting promotions as well as workshops to help those with DSLR’s get to know their camera better and take those gorgeous photos they’ve always wanted!

So, to start us off, a review of the last session I had last year.

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous little bundle and her family just prior to Christmas last year.

She was such a little angel and we were able to try out some cute new props that I was dying to finally put to use.

Here are some of my favourites.


Blog 1




IMGL9612 ext sharp-2








Blog 2


Blog 3

Board 3 final

Documenting our Life – 2013 Family Photo books

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some well earned rest with your family.

For me, the start of a new year, means a tidy up and collating of all the previous years photos.

Every year I print 2 photo books for our family. One with all my main photos and one that I call my ‘Creative’ book where I print my favourite Black and Whites in a soft cover square book.

For the main book, I print 2 books – one for each child. They’ll receive these as a gift when they are older (possibly on their 21st birthday).

Did you print any photo books last year, or planning for one this year? I’d love to hear which company you used and if you were happy with them or which company you are planning to use.

If you haven’t printed one for last year and have a heap of photos stored on your computer, why not get started on your own photo book. You won’t regret it and your family will appreciate being able to look back at all the wonderful memories you have captured.

For extra motivation, check out this link for a review of photo book companies that I have previously used (the discount has expired so is no longer available).

I’ve finished our Black and White Creative book and just wanted to share some of my favourites:

_MGS0432web IMGL0374web IMGL0473web IMGL2758web IMGL4762web IMGL4942web IMGL5075web IMGL5373web IMGL7931web IMGL6541web1

_MGS0757web1 IMGL0114web1 IMGL2577web1 IMGL5344-5-2web1 IMGL7558web1 IMGL7595web1 IMGL7617web1 IMGL7858web1 IMGL9641web1 IMGL9823web1

2013’s Wonderful Families

What a great start to my new business this year has been. I am so glad I took the chance with this passion of mine and feel honoured that so many families have trusted me to document special seasons in the life of their family. I am truly grateful.

I have some exciting plans for 2014 which include many more photo shoots as well as one-on-one photography mentoring and small group (one day) DSLR camera course. The mentoring and camera course will be designed to help those who have a DSLR understand what ‘all those buttons’ do and give you the knowledge to be able to take those wonderful photos of your kids and family that you’ve been dreaming of. I am so looking forward to launching the mentoring sessions and the course. Launch date is expected sometime in February 2014.

In the meantime, if you are interested in coming along to one of the mentoring sessions, the one day course  or would like further information, please send me an email and I’ll email through the details late January 2014.

So as this year comes to an end, I wanted to share some of my favourite images with you as well as some of the photos that make me smile. 

Every family and every shoot is so unique. Kids (and Adults although we are a little more self conscious) do the funniest things and I love capturing the funny moments when they don’t think you are watching them.

2013  Review 6 jpg 2013 Cute moments 1 jpg 2013 Cute Moments 2 jpg 2013 Review 1 jpg 2013 Review 2 jpg 2013 Review 3 FINAL jpg 2013 Review 4 JPG 2013 Review 5 jpg

 Wishing you a safe and blessed new year and I look forward to meeting more wonderful and unique families in 2014.


A Special Boy’s Sonic the Hedgehog Cake

This year for Mr C’s Birthday, it was decided we would have a small catch up mid week with friends for an informal party.

Mr C decided otherwise. He heard ‘party’ and missed the ‘informal’ part. Unbeknown to us, he went about inviting his friends to his party. At school pick up two weeks before his party he announced in front of the kids that ‘Mum, I’ve invited my friends to my party. Could you please give them an invitation so they know when it is’. I had a flash back of myself as a child often being in trouble for telling my parents what I was going to do without asking for permission first.

After explaining that we need to talk about these things before he takes action, (whilst having a quiet giggle to myself at how like me he was becoming) we agreed that he could have a party with a small number of friends.

Mr C wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog cake so we called Bethany from Bethany Claire Cakes.

Bethany is the brains and talent behind Bethany Claire Cakes, where she produces artisan cakes, bespoke cakes designs, gourmet gifts and provides catering for events. She also sells her products at farmers markets across Victoria.

She did an amazing job with the cake. Not only did the cake look fantastic, it was the best tasting cake I’ve ever eaten.

So, here it is:

IMGL1609Web Site

IMGL1616Web Site

IMGL1631Web Site

IMGL1607Web Site

IMGL1605Web Site

IMGL1595Web Site

IMGL1654Web Site


 Mr C  loved the Sonic figure on the cake. He kept going over to his cake to just stare at it! I loved the detail: the little flowers, the gold rings, the boots the grass and Sonic of course.

For me though, the best thing about this cake, was the look of pure amazement on Mr C’s face when he woke up the day of his party and saw his cake. Priceless!

Cake : by Bethany Claire Cakes.

Bethany can be contacted via Facebook or email:  Bethany Claire Cake’s new website will be launching in the next few weeks  with more information on the  delicious creations that Bethany produces:

The Gorgeous Cañada Girls

I had the opportunity to photograph these girls for a second time. The first was when the littlest was born… and now 2 years on.

These girls have the most beautiful blue eyes (and they are heaps of fun to photograph).

Canada Blog storyboard jpg smaller file

Newborn Loveliness with the Kennedy’s

Meet gorgeous Miss L, 7 days old.

There are so many things I love about photographing newborns. I love the emotion, awe and wonder that I see in the parents faces as they talk about their baby (especially for first time parents).

I love how babies smell, how they curl up as you hold them, the little noises they make as they move about and then how they fall into a peaceful trusting sleep as you cuddle them.

Oh, and having two adventurous, energetic children and a very noisy house, going to a home where the baby is the family’s first and spending a few house in a quiet, peaceful, tranquil, very warm home is such a treat.

Blog 1Kennedy Blog storyboard web