Documenting our Life – 2013 Family Photo books

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed some well earned rest with your family.

For me, the start of a new year, means a tidy up and collating of all the previous years photos.

Every year I print 2 photo books for our family. One with all my main photos and one that I call my ‘Creative’ book where I print my favourite Black and Whites in a soft cover square book.

For the main book, I print 2 books – one for each child. They’ll receive these as a gift when they are older (possibly on their 21st birthday).

Did you print any photo books last year, or planning for one this year? I’d love to hear which company you used and if you were happy with them or which company you are planning to use.

If you haven’t printed one for last year and have a heap of photos stored on your computer, why not get started on your own photo book. You won’t regret it and your family will appreciate being able to look back at all the wonderful memories you have captured.

For extra motivation, check out this link for a review of photo book companies that I have previously used (the discount has expired so is no longer available).

I’ve finished our Black and White Creative book and just wanted to share some of my favourites:

_MGS0432web IMGL0374web IMGL0473web IMGL2758web IMGL4762web IMGL4942web IMGL5075web IMGL5373web IMGL7931web IMGL6541web1

_MGS0757web1 IMGL0114web1 IMGL2577web1 IMGL5344-5-2web1 IMGL7558web1 IMGL7595web1 IMGL7617web1 IMGL7858web1 IMGL9641web1 IMGL9823web1

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