2013’s Wonderful Families

What a great start to my new business this year has been. I am so glad I took the chance with this passion of mine and feel honoured that so many families have trusted me to document special seasons in the life of their family. I am truly grateful.

I have some exciting plans for 2014 which include many more photo shoots as well as one-on-one photography mentoring and small group (one day) DSLR camera course. The mentoring and camera course will be designed to help those who have a DSLR understand what ‘all those buttons’ do and give you the knowledge to be able to take those wonderful photos of your kids and family that you’ve been dreaming of. I am so looking forward to launching the mentoring sessions and the course. Launch date is expected sometime in February 2014.

In the meantime, if you are interested in coming along to one of the mentoring sessions, the one day course  or would like further information, please send me an email and I’ll email through the details late January 2014.

So as this year comes to an end, I wanted to share some of my favourite images with you as well as some of the photos that make me smile. 

Every family and every shoot is so unique. Kids (and Adults although we are a little more self conscious) do the funniest things and I love capturing the funny moments when they don’t think you are watching them.

2013  Review 6 jpg 2013 Cute moments 1 jpg 2013 Cute Moments 2 jpg 2013 Review 1 jpg 2013 Review 2 jpg 2013 Review 3 FINAL jpg 2013 Review 4 JPG 2013 Review 5 jpg

 Wishing you a safe and blessed new year and I look forward to meeting more wonderful and unique families in 2014.


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